One Way Vision Film and Lamination Printing

What is a one-way vision?

One-way vision as name implies is a self-adhesive banner film of vinyl material which allows vision from one side and block the same from other side. Thanks to growing number of malls, glass facade buildings, shopping centre and complexes we see them lot in number. Purpose of these film is to make glass window not just a source to hide inside view, but also act as a great advertising tool. As hiding inside view can also be accomplished with the help of glass frame which are called one-way glass panel.

Many times, while dealing with our customers we find them sceptical about the design that can be printed well on these one-way vision films. We wish to categorically mention that thanks to the high-end machine and graded ink print quality there is absolute no artwork that can't be printed. You can submit your artwork in any design format in CMYK format with minimum resolution of 100 dpi

Benefits of one-way vision films
  • Excellent marketing and advertising tool
  • Widely used in moving vehicles like bus, cars etc
  • Hide the office interior day to day activity
  • Durability and long life
  • Increase life of glass frame
  • Can be pasted on normal glass frame no need to buy expensive one-way vision glass frame
  • Protect window frame from cracking and scratching

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